Following is an article published by the journalist Mr. Loukas Parpas of the newspaper Phiileleftheros.

Special thanks to the newspaper Phileleftheros and to Mr. Loukas Parpas.


Monday, 21 September 2020.

Human lives are lost every day because there are no properly trained people near the episodes to provide First Aid or to operate one of the defibrillators that grow - thankfully - and multiply like mushrooms in places where there is an increased presence of people, such as supermarkets. banks etc.

First Aid is usually called to offer properly trained people who even hold relevant certificates, but in difficult times, even children can give a helping hand, after receiving the appropriate training.

Abroad, first aid and defibrillator lessons have been offered to children for years, but to this day, it has been a "summer night dream" for the Cypriot education system. But this year, fortunately, the relevant data are changing, thanks to the private initiative. A group of state-approved and certified first aid instructors have prepared a special education program for fourth, fifth and sixth grade children, for which private schools and parents have already shown keen interest.

The program was prepared by the company G. B. POWER LIFE SAVERS LTD, which since 2013, specializes in first aid and specialized first aid training, automatic external defibrillator operation, as well as lifeguard training.

For the easier education of the children, the company created the imaginary character "little Power" which through the pages of a special book that was prepared, directs the children to the actions that they should take, when they realize that a person is in danger.

The first aid instructors in children, according to the director of the company Andreas Pembetsios, are all practicing Health Professionals (Nurses, Paramedics) and all hold the diploma of level 5 instructor of the Human Resources Development Authority. Some of them also hold Masters and PhDs in Health.

The program lasts just 100 minutes and the cost of participating in it was set at € 35. Each child who participates in it is given the book with Little Power which is richly illustrated, with ISBN, stickers, and a certificate of the child's participation in the program which is completed by the child's guardian.

  Loukas Parpas"